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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Value on Chester Comix Bundle at HSBC

I first heard about Chester Comix a few years ago, but at the convention last month, I purchased my first one - the Greeks, Romans, Countrymen book to go along with our Ancient History unit. We haven't started on that yet, but I think that Noah will love the format of historical info presented in a comic book.

Although most of the books are a little old for us in terms of subject matter, the deal on the co-op is great for those of you with older kids (my guess is middle school and up). The retail value of the 28-book set is 125 (although it sells for more on Amazon), but if you buy through the co-op. you can purchase the entire series plus the teacher's guide for just $79! 

The Chester Comix Superbundle includes all 28 Chester Comix books, plus Teacher Guides (PDF). For more information about each book:
Membership in the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is free, and if you decided to join, please use my referral number (65626). For every person you refer, you earn 100 points to spend on curriculum! 

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