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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teaching Tool Tuesday - Lift-the-Flap Word Book

This is the next in our new series of book reviews we're doing as part of Teaching Tool Tuesday. My friend Jan from "A Love for Learning" Educational Consulting - who is also a consultant for Usborne and Kane Miller books - will be providing us with the book of our choice each month to review. I'll be sharing my thoughts on how it helped with our homeschooling, and I'll be having the kids contribute when appropriate.

We've always been big fans of Usborne books, and it seems like as the kids get older, there are just more and more unique, interesting titles to choose from. This month, I decided to choose a book for Ava, who has really demonstrated readiness for reading this spring. For additional information on this book or other Usborne and Kane Miller titles, you can visit Jan's online bookstore.

Lift-the-Flap Word Book
by Felicity Brooks

Mom's Review:

First a confession . . . I rarely think to buy books for Ava because, well, I've already child that age and bought tons of books for him so it seems like we should have plenty. But recently, I realized that she may like different types of books - after all, he's a science-y, non-fiction kind of kid and she prefers a good story. She also has a much different learning style and many things that Noah never used - like early reading books - are things she could really benefit from.

In the second half of our school year, she really started to enjoy learning to write letters and sound out words - so when I saw this book, it seemed perfect for her. And besides, what kid doesn't love lift-the-flap books???

This book has quickly become one of her favorites. It's a nice, sturdy board book featuring 10-15 words per page, each related to a different theme such as "On the Farm" or "On the Beach". The flap for each word lifts up to reveal a picture so kids can sound out the word then check to see if they are right. The illustrations are colorful and cheerful and incorporate flaps as well. The flap for each picture lifts up to reveal the written word.

The last two pages of the book show all the words and their corresponding pictures (no flaps on this one). Ava enjoys "reading" this page to see which words she remembers from the book.

The Lift-the-Flap Word Book  has been a wonderful addition to our classroom library, and I would definitely recommend it for any early reader. Even younger kids would enjoy the pictures and lifting the flaps while a parent reads the words.

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