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Friday, September 30, 2011

Greece is History

Today, we're closing the book on Ancient Greece and moving on in our ancient history study (or actually, moving backwards to Mesopotamia). I've been thrilled with the resources we put together for this unit and with how much the kids have enjoyed it.

To wrap up this study, in the past few days the kids dressed up in Greek tunics, recreated the Parthenon and wrote their own myth about a Greek god/goddess they made up. Later this afternoon, we're watching a documentary on ancient Greece on Netflix and they're heading to the park with Jim to have an Olympic pentathlon - long jump, javelin, discus, running and wrestling. I've made him promise to make a laurel wreath for each of them!

Personally, I've never enjoyed history this much before and it's exciting to see how much they are retaining what we're learning. I'm definitely looking forward to our next time-traveling adventure!


  1. How fun!! I am your newest follower and new to homeschooling... hopefully I can get some ideas and inspiration from your blog :-)