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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Avocado Bug

Yesterday's co-op with our homeschool group, Seminole Learning Community, was the third in a series of healthy eating classes for the Super Plant Eater's Club taught by wellness coach Gretchen Goel. The topic was Healthy Fats, and the kids learned about Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Trans Fats, including what foods contain each type. After learning how fat affects the body, they dipped their fingers in skim, 1%, whole milk and heavy cream to feel the difference in the fat content of each. Then, they sampled some healthy fats in the form of an "avocado bug" with sliced avocado for a body and walnuts for legs.

The picture at top is one we recreated at home today with the addition of almond eyes and sesame seed spots. We have varying views on avocado in our house. Ava is a raving fan; she could barely stand for me to photograph the bug because she wanted to eat it so badly. I actually had to take a break from writing this to make her a second bug! Noah eats them because he knows they're good for him, but he's not particularly crazy about them. But, like most healthy eating habits, the results lie partially in the presentation and partially in the setup. His avocado is sure to be eaten when it's dressed as a funny bug (and when I'm holding the applesauce hostage!)

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