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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Tomatoes are Turning

Well, we've had quite a bit of excitement in our garden these past few days. One of our patio tomato plants has two red tomatoes! Now, if I can just figure out exactly when to pick them. An even bigger surprise has been the bright yellow tomato on the plant next to it, which we thought was the same type. Guess we're in for a bigger variety than expected (and we need a new column on the graph).

We're up to 89 of the little guys now and should be eating the first of them within days. We also have a Japanese eggplant that's almost ready to pick and two more not far behind. I can see a lot of kitchen time in my future whipping up tomato sauce, tomato soup and every other way I can think of to make our "harvest" last for a long time!

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