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Trust me . . . it's not ALL about the shoes.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Moon Co-op & Lapbook

Today's co-op with SLC was about the moon in preparation for Thursday's class about the first moon landing. The kids learned all about what the moon is made of, how it orbits the Earth and its mass, temperature and size. After reviewing the basics, they performed an experiment to learn how craters are made. By dropping different sized rocks into a container of flour from varying heights, they observed the resulting crater size from each variable.

Next, they learned about the phases of the moon and made a craft that demonstrates waning and waxing crescent, half and gibbous moons, as well as the full moon and new moon.

We wrapped up by working on our lapbook, which we finished during our classroom time (yes, we made a rare appearance in the classroom!) this afternoon. Noah is now painting a solar system mobile that he started several months ago, and hopefully Jim will help him assemble it tonight.

Here's a peek at our learning today:


  1. His book looks great!

  2. Thanks for a great co-op! We're looking forward to Thursday! :)