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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Art Adventures at OMA

We always love Art Adventures at the Orlando Museum of Art, and today's class was no exception. As usual, we began with some time in the gallery, and the kids looked for different types of lines and colors in one specific piece of art.

Since the work featured buffaloes, today's class was called "Where the Buffaloes Roam". Back in the studio, the project involved creating dioramas with natural elements and (if the kids wanted) sculpting buffaloes out of clay to put inside. The kids went to town gluing in bark, leaves, sticks, moss, stones, dirt and sand.

Noah created a really cool campfire scene, complete with a tree, clouds and the sun. Ava covered her background with sand and dirt, glued on some leaves and bark and spent the rest of the time with her clay - rolling it and decorating it with dots and patterns. I love that these classes always have specific themes and guidelines but that the kids are given the freedom to make what they want - with the idea being that each piece of art should be different rather than all looking the same.

After dragging the kids from the studio (they always want to stay and do "just a little more"), we enjoyed some more time in the gallery before heading out. As always, we will look forward to next month's class!

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