Is it possible to be a dedicated homeschooling mom while still making time for myself as an individual (a girlie girl who likes cute shoes)? I like to think so. Follow along, and I'll let you know for sure.

Trust me . . . it's not ALL about the shoes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Me Time" Monday - Share Your Ideas

It’s true that Monday isn’t the first day that comes to mind when I think of having some time for myself. I’m more likely to spend this particular day tackling mountains of laundry, piles of dishes and otherwise catching up from a busy weekend. So each week, I’ll be making a point to try out a new idea for “me time” and reporting back every Monday, when we all need inspiration the most. 

Well, I already have my idea for my first "Me Time" Monday! I'll be testing it out this week and reporting back next Monday with the results. At first, I'd planned to share details today, but I've decided to keep it under wraps for now.

Today, I'm having the ultimate "Me Time" Monday since the kids are at my mom's for the day. And although I know I should be doing something I never get to do like relaxing - or something unpleasant but ultimately necessary like swimsuit shopping or going to the dentist - I'm using the time to work on the cars lapbook. I will be finishing it today, although that's more of an affirmation and less of a statement on how close to being done I actually am.

Hopefully I'll have a success story to report next Monday - and be more refreshed and inspired while doing so. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you! 
  • What are your best ideas for taking time out for yourself and keeping your balance in this homeschool adventure? 
  • Or if you're not quite there yet, what are the biggest challenges standing in your way?

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