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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Planning Our Homeschool Year

No, we're not officially back to school yet. I'm protesting the end of summer and holding out for a few more weeks. But, I think I'm finally in the last stages of getting our year planned and supplies ordered.

Still trying to figure out how to incorporate the message of "relaxed homeschooling" that struck a chord with me at convention with my urge to plan each day. Overall, here's what our year will (might?) look like.

Unit Studies (most with a lapbook component)
Cars (fall) - Noah's pick
Oceans (fall) - Ava's pick
Money (year-long)
Great Inventors (spring) - Noah's pick
Animals around the World (spring)

Language Arts
Language Smarts
Kreative Komix
Write a joke book
Personal dictionary
Write to a penpal

Singapore Math
Balance Benders and Math Analogies

Cars, oceans and animals around the world units
Fuel cell and solar car models
Exploration Education Physical Science curriculum (Unit 1: Forces, Machines, Motion & Energy)

50 States (fall)
Where in the world are Jack & Annie? (Magic Tree House mapping activity) 

Magic Tree House timeline
Cars & great inventors units 

Critical Thinking
Organizing Thinking Skills (Noah)
Visual Perception Skill Building (Ava)

Rosetta Stone

Draw Cars
Draw Ocean Animals
Sports Car Designer
Car photography project (photo book and/or blog)
OMA Art Adventure classes

Other activities
Weekly co-op (art, science, money, PE)
Swim team
Dance (Ava)
Odyssey of the Mind (Noah)
DuathLONG training club

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