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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Check out our new sister blog!!!

I know this doesn't make up for being MIA around here lately, but I've spent the past week getting our new blog up and running. Growing Healthy Sprouts will share meal plans, recipes and healthy eating tips from both a parent and child perspective. Here's what you can expect to see:

Meal Plan Monday - I'm a Sunday planner/shopper, so by Monday I'm usually somewhat organized and ready for the week. Each Monday, I'll be sharing our meal plan for breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week, including links to recipes when possible.

Top Tips Tuesday - We all want our kids to eat healthy food but often struggle with making it happen. On Tuesdays, the Sprouts and I will share our top tips for making healthy living a habit from both a parent and child's perspective.

What's for Dinner Wednesday - I love trying new recipes - so much so that Jim often asks if we'll ever get to have anything we liked again. Each week, I'll share our favorite dinner recipe with Sprout ratings and results.

Food for Thought Thursday - Nutritional research is what made me realize how important our food choices are to current and future health. On Thursdays, I'll be sharing the latest articles and research on how nutrition affects our health.

Fun Food Fridays - Kid-friendly food and Sprout favorites are on the menu for Fridays - sometimes prepared by the Sprouts themselves! We'll share recipes and pictures for healthy food your kids will love.

Stay Active Saturdays - Nutrition is just one aspect of good health; keeping kids active is essential, too. On Saturdays, we'll be sharing some of the Sprouts' favorite activities and keeping you posted on activities for kids in the Orlando area.

Sweet on Sunday - As I've mentioned, my kids certainly aren't kale-loving creatures by nature. We foster good habits through a healthy plant-based diet, but they definitely love treats from time to time (or as often as I'll allow). Fortunately, I've found many healthier ways to indulge their sweet tooth - although you'll probably get plenty of traditional treats in here as well.

All recipes will be marked with "Sprout Ratings" where the kiddos give their feedback on each dish. And Noah (aka "Big Sprout") will be a regular contributor. Tonight, he cooked our entire dinner, photographed it and blogged about the recipe (can you say "cool language arts project???")

So stop on by when you have a chance . . . we'll be cooking up something healthy and delicious!

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