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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wild Idea Wednesday - Cars alphabet book

Need some new ideas for keeping learning fun? I’ll be sharing our favorites each week on Wednesday. To be honest, the thought of committing myself to having one great idea every week is stress-inducing, so I’m going to put it out there in advance that I will probably borrow heavily from all my wise mama friends.

We've been working on incorporating more authentic language arts experience into our curriculum this year, including our personal dictionary, which is filling up nicely. But I think our favorite project is the cars alphabet book - probably because almost the whole family is involved.

Each week, Noah chooses a car part that starts with the letters we're on that week. Then, he writes a sentence about that car part. Next comes the best part, when he and Jim traipse into the garage to learn more about that part and photograph it. Little by little, we're compiling it into a book.

Our goal is to finish this month since we're wrapping up our cars unit and moving on to other things. I can't wait to see it all printed and sit down to read it together!

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