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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Kids Ticket to Legoland Florida!

Legoland Florida announced today a special promotion on their Facebook page - buy an one-day adult ticket for $65 and receive a FREE one-day child's ticket ($55 value). We are all set to attend opening weekend (October 15th and 16th) thanks to this great deal. I still remember attending the opening days of EPCOT and Universal Studios as a kid, and I'm excited for my kids to have the same experience!

I didn't see this deal anywhere on their main website, so head over to Facebook and "LIKE" their page to get the link.


  1. I don't see the link to purchase tickets on the FB page. Can you tell me where it is please? Thanks

  2. Actually I see where you buy the tickets but don't see the BOGO information. :(

  3. Yes, they sold out of the BOGO deal a few weeks ago. :(