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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Save 40% on Atelier Art at the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op

The Homeschool Buyer's Co-op just announced a special new group buy for Atelier Art curriculum. With a variety of levels, these DVD-based visual art lesson are designed for students from 4-16. Each level includes a total of 18 lessons broken down into three modules (A, B and C).

I actually purchased the first module (A) of the Atelier level one curriculum at my very first homeschool convention several years ago. I'm just going from memory here, but we probably did it when Noah was four. At the time, I remember being very impressed with the curriculum but I never found a good way to pull off the lessons with a toddler that needed constant attention, and I think I just let it fall by the wayside.

This year, I'd been considering trying an art curriculum again and after pulling out our binder (to check the level number for this blog post), I am sold on it once again - mainly from looking at the art that Noah produced while using it (pictured above). Considering his age at the time, I was pretty much blown away looking at them again after several years.

What I remember liking about this program is that it introduces them to works of art by famous artists, then teaches the specific techniques used to create each. I'm not at all artsy, so this is one area where I need some step-by-step lessons. My plan is to redo the lessons I have this summer (it will be the first time for Ava and a refresher for Noah), then purchase the complete Level 2 set to start in the fall.

If you're not yet a member of the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op, it is free to join and they will keep you in the loop about all the great group buys they do. The way the deal works is that the more people buy, the greater the discount so it starts at 15% (1-25 people) and can get as high as 40% (151 or more people). You can "opt in" to buy the product when the discount reaches whatever level corresponds with the highest price you'd be willing to pay. If you decide to join, please considering doing so using my referral code (65626).

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  1. Fantastic!!! Thanks so much for the discount tip! I bought their sample lesson, and my DD LOVED it, and has asked for the full curriculum. Now I can purchase it with the discount - thanks!
    Here from the Hop.